10 Reasons Why I Chose A Dog For My Pet

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parrotI will start off with the standard: “Are you a cat person or a dog person?” I know it is a dumb question and I don’t like having to answer that question even though I am a dog fan.

People like having horses as their pets, they could also have tarantulas or any other type of spider, scorpions, turtles, different kinds of fish, bunnies, ants, parrots or some other birds besides cats and dogs.

As I have said, I’m a dog loving person and I have a lovely English Pointer that I call Jam. I named him after my favorite band, Pearl Jam.

The English Pointer is a large dog breed. Raising a large dog breed is a bit different than raising a small or a medium one. Apparently they are bigger and in most cases heavier so they need more space to walk and run around, they simply need a more spacious area to rule over.

I keep Jam in my back yard because big yards are perfect for large dog breeds. He is free to run around the house if he wants but he avoids it. What can I say; a large dog needs its space.

Large dogs also require a bit more food than the other ones; so be prepared if you are to raise one. One other thing is also specific for them.

Walking them on a leash requires some strength and a lot of pulling because they are very strong, but training would allow you to have a stroll in the park without any greater difficulties.

Now I’m about to tell you why I chose a dog for my pet instead of something else.

Well, first of all, dogs like interaction with their owners. You give love and you receive love; that is how it works. You can also have a lot of good time just playing with each other.

Surely there will be a lot of situations where your dog will come to you just to pet it but I see a great satisfaction in it so I don’t mind it at all.

You should see my dog when I come home from work, no words can describe his joy at that moment. This is my second reason, the connection.

The third thing I would have to talk about is the loyalty. There is no other animal more loyal to its owner than a dog. It will follow you, obey you and protect you at any cost.

English PointerThe forth reason is obedience. Dogs are obedient. Some times they can be a bit willful but with enough time and a little bit of training they will learn your commands and your habits.

My fifth reason, as I’ve mentioned, is the protection.

I just feel safer when I have a dog in my yard. And in general, I feel safer when I am around my dog.

Next in line will have to be their skill learning ability. A dog can pick up a number of different skills at any time during his life. And all of them are useful because it will just learn them to please or help you. In my case, I simply love when my dog brings me the paper in the morning.

This brings me to their intelligence. They might not be the most intelligent animals in the world but surely they are pretty smart. They know how to react according to the situation.

My dog likes to show off in front of my friends, but on the other hand he really knows how to cover up something that he knows he’s done wrong.

Having to walk the dog is my eighth reason. I know that some would see this as an obligation they would rather avoid but in this I see a great exercise and a time to rest my mind.

They are also very funny, especially when they play on their own. Also they are very good pals with your children, which is a lot of fun for the whole family.

And last but not least is their long life. A dog will be your companion for a long period, at least a decade.

Well all in all I can say that a dog is truly man’s best friend, and that is why I chose a dog for my pet. Simple…dull…cliché? Maybe, but nevertheless one of the best decisions in my life.


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  1. Peter says:

    I’m also a great dog loving person and completely agree with what you are saying here.You’re absolutely right. Dogs are obedient.I love reading your blog.

  2. Justin says:

    dogs also have humourous habits. i have 2, bello and ryan. bello likes hard bones, an ryan likes soft bones. after an hour of chewing (another great thing, though they love attention and excercise, and need it, if you are REALLY tired, a great bone could shut them up for a few hours. i dont mean this in a mean way. but they are a bit annoying sometimes.) anyway, after an hour, they’ll get up and switch bones. since bello chews harder, his bone is softer, and he hates it. ryan loves soft bones, as his teeth are smaller. and this happens simaltaneuosly,it’s like they have a phsycic connection!and that’s another thing i love about them…they can sense if you’re sad without any telling them. they will walk right up to you when your sick, ad lay down next to you. also, when i was younger, i would play with my legos, and my dog would sit down roght next to me, just far enough to be there, but not interrupt me. they are very playful, and very cute. my other dog, bello, would literally use his nose to push your hand onto his head, and it’s hard not to oblige, as he just looks there expectantly. the ONLY downside is that
    1. a fewbreeds don’t like any other animals, especially cats, birds, and mice. some, however get along just fine.
    2. dog poop. so annoying on a hot summer day, in the heat, flies buzzing around, and having to scoop up that junk. and the dog just looks at you like, “sucker….!”

  3. Ashley says:

    Well, if you ask me, I also love dogs more than anything. I mean they are really adorable and cute like they say, a man’s bestfriend.

  4. Jayy says:

    Yes indeed dogs are a mens best friend. i am doing a essay about dogs and ran into this site. I just recently lost my German Sheppard. I miss him so much. There no words to describe how much i miss coming home after a long bad day of school & to see him happy to see me and just waggling his tail is the best feeling. He was loyal to the fullest i told him to do something and he would. He was my best friend. The first time i ever seen my dad cry was when we lost him. I have two other dogs his wife and son but there not the same. They wouldnt attack a burglar. i dont feel safe with them. I miss my dog we dont know how he died. He was only 5. in human years. He was hated by alot of the neighbors so maybe they did something who knows. i just know i miss him.

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