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taking your furry friend for a dog show

Taking your Furry Friend for a Dog Show- Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Do you have a dog and you wish it to perform in a dog show? Or, do you train dogs for show and need your trained dogs to win prizes in the show? Then make sure that you do not make some very common mistakes that often occur during the process of the training itself. […]

The History of Crufts

History of Crufts

This info graphic is a very informative representation of the world’s top dog show – The Crufts. It is a travel down the memory lane of this historic event held every year that is more than a century old. It takes you through the different stages of the event, its venue and the current organizers […]

dog breeds

New Dog Breeds Make an Appearance at Famous Dog Shows

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is one of the most famous dog competitions in the world. Actually this one is perhaps the most prestigious one. This year’s competition is the 135th annual show, which is a very special date, especially for the new breeds. Years ago the competition was very strict about the new […]

blood hounds

America’s Premier Dog Show Hosts 3 New Breeds (25 Pics)

The 134th Westminster kennel Club Dog Show makes its annual appearance at New York City.