To Have Or Not To Have A Real Pet

german shepardsWhen I am writing this I have grown and kept as ‘pets’ two giant German Shepards.

Both have enjoyed the home “education”, a long life and died when they were old of absolutely natural causes.

The 3rd , which is the direct descendant of the number 1, is still alive but because I had no conditions to keep it near me, lives happily on the estate of a friend where it enjoys what a dog enjoys the most , freedom to move and freedom to bark as much and as loud as it wants.

Why do I talk about dogs?

Because, lately, during different friendly discussions, I seem to constantly meet the idea that today, does not really pay to have as pet a dog or a cat

It seems that with the “world crisis” has become too expensive and obsolete, to feed such an animal, to take it for a regular health treatment or to pay taxes for it.

It seems fishes are more comfortable. Well I took that under the consideration and bought a fish. Well to say it for real, I bought a house instead a potato.

First, the fish are completely useless. They don’t cry when they are hungry they don’t bark at strangers, they don’t run when you shout at them, they cost a lot more and they are very difficult to take care of.

They do not show any feeling and even more they have the same gratitude as a rock.

japanese carp fishIf you are about to tell me that they look after themselves, take a peak at “Koi Carp”, a Japanese carp fish, beautifully colored, buy it and come to me in one or two weeks with the feedback about how easy it is to take care of it.

As it is a predator fish, it will kill anything it moves and with no reason whatsoever it will turn belly up instead of anything you might do to preserve it. They eat only special food which costs you for a week the amount you would pay for a dog’s chow for a month.

My advice?

If it’s fish you want get them in the menu at Mc Donald’s, if you want to have a pet, go looking for it elsewhere and not in stores that sell fish.

I will continue with tips on simple reason that, for many years I had loved and almost killed, unknowingly, a large variety of animals that can be found inside a human house.

turtlesTurtles, for example ask from you an incredible test of strength with all of the age and a life expectancy of about 2,000 years.

But unfortunately, despite the fact that they have a maximum speed of one kilometer per year, they manage to escape more easily than you expect. They just need to be left out of the terrarium for a minute or so, and they are gone only God knows where.

Guinea pigs? Yes

I mean, can you cage the entire courtyard until winter comes? They are really nice. They love children and attach to them faster than you can imagine. Once this happens, the little thing will manage to escape and get the chance to dig a hole the size of a fox hole and escape to Heaven knows where.

Well these being covered I am back to dogs since the nostalgia of being a dog owner makes everything else fading.

If you want something to love, to frighten potential thieves, something that does not make big mess, especially something that cost almost nothing would you really consider something else than a dog?


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