Banning Pet Sales In The Stores

West Hollywood, California is officially banning the pet sales in the stores. According to the new laws, pet shops will be allowed to sell only dogs and cats from shelters.

pet salesThe ordinance will be applied from September, but even now the pet stores there don’t offer any animals. Back in 2003 the town was the first in America that prohibited cat declawing. This measure turned to be very effective and nowadays even local authorities in Los Angelis are keeping it.

The new ordinance also names pets as “companion animal” and offers their owners tax deduction for pet adoption and the fees that come with it. There are many who criticize the new local ordinance.

The pet industry is claiming that the law doesn’t target the whole problem, which is only the irresponsibility of some breeders, who keep the pets in miserable conditions.
Yet the authorities in West Hollywood pointed out, that the pet stores aren’t the best source for buying animals and people will be able to get their pets from more reliable sources.


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