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Hello, My Name Is “House Pet” And I Am Mighty Jealous!

That would be exactly the statement that can define the situation going on in a house with several pets. No matter if the pets share the same race or are completely different species the jealousy that we so much despise in humans can make itself known in pets too. If I would write myself a […]

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Pets And The Danger Lurking Inside The House

There is no doubt that pets provide the greatest and warmest companionship and enjoyment to those who have them around. Some people are fond of their pets and love them dearly. I have seen people spending a lot of time, energy and money on their pet’s safety and health. Yet, the pet owners can fail […]

Cat Person, Dog Person Or Something In Between?

Cat Person, Dog Person Or Something In Between?

It is said that dogs are better pets than cats. It is also said that dogs are loyal, fun, cute and always ready to spend time with you, to make you laugh when you are sad or to help you relax after a stressful day. Cats on the other hand are beautiful creatures, extremely decided […]

10 Reasons Why I Chose A Dog For My Pet

10 Reasons Why I Chose A Dog For My Pet

I will start off with the standard: “Are you a cat person or a dog person?” I know it is a dumb question and I don’t like having to answer that question even though I am a dog fan. People like having horses as their pets, they could also have tarantulas or any other type […]

The Creepy Crawling Thing I Call "My Pet"

The Creepy Crawling Thing I Call “My Pet”

I have a soft spot for not so soft pets. I am talking about exotic pets, especially snakes, lizards and turtles. Although I think exotic pets are great, I do not think they are right for everyone. A lot of people who own them and have trouble with them treat them as if they were […]