Pets And The Danger Lurking Inside The House

There is no doubt that pets provide the greatest and warmest companionship and enjoyment to those who have them around. Some people are fond of their pets and love them dearly.

I have seen people spending a lot of time, energy and money on their pet’s safety and health. Yet, the pet owners can fail to take note of some of the small but significant factors that could pose a great risk to their pets. Here are below some of the factors that can become a danger to a pet animal.

pets food 1While you pay great attention to protect your pet from the outside environment which I suppose is common for all pet owners, there might be a small negligence in regard to some of the crucial factors.

These include giving wrong or unnecessary treatments, unwanted food, medications and the likes to your beloved pets. One of the most common problems that I hear frequently about is the ingestion of human medications by the pet. The medications can be accidentally spilled by the owner and if the pets unknowingly eat them those medicines may cause them a major health complications.

I commonly come across incidents of wrong treatments for flea and ticks. In order to protect their pets from getting infested with ticks and fleas, the pet owners force wrong treatments on their pets. In many such cases, owners applied permethrin insecticides to their pets that turned out to be a very bad option.

A report that I recently came across says that around 17,500 pets die because of consuming inappropriate food.

Given the fact that animal and human bodies are entirely different, having some types of food we eat, will definitely cause huge health problems for our pets. For instance, avocados, onions and raisins may cause serious health conditions on the pets the worst being the respiratory failures which can even endanger their lives.

pets food 2

I don’t think that pet care-taking is as easy as most people presume. A pet animal that ate the wrong vegetable and plant from the garden can be affected badly.

Improper dispensing of medications such as veterinary antibiotics, vaccines, heart-worm preventatives, de-wormers, nutritional supplements and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin will pose serious health risk.

Consumption of rat poisons by the pets will lead to seizures and many other neurological problems. Household cleaners like bleaches, detergents, and disinfectants pose threat to pets. Any amount of inhalation or absorption of these by the pets is very bad for them.

pets food 3

Heavy metals, wood and other such materials cause health problems for our pets. Chemical substances like paint thinning agents drain and pool cleaners or spa chemicals are poisonous for pets.

Make sure you have you have the vet phone number at hand because in case of any of the above accidents he may give you the advice that can save the life of your pet.

By taking care of the above significant aspects in pet care, you can be sure that your pet will have a complete protection against any internal or external factors.

Do your best to keep them safe from the unknown danger lurking inside your house.


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