Cat Person, Dog Person Or Something In Between?

It is said that dogs are better pets than cats. It is also said that dogs are loyal, fun, cute and always ready to spend time with you, to make you laugh when you are sad or to help you relax after a stressful day.

Cats on the other hand are beautiful creatures, extremely decided when it comes to their daily activities, very hard to convince to do something they do not want to do. They are very picky as the food is concerned and also do not make friends very easily no matter if those friends are people or other cats.

As the owner of both cats and dogs, I would have to say that after watching them for so many times and seeing how my children make fun of their faces, a cute description of their thought as my family sees them would go something like this.

The dogs

The mind of a puppy is all the time set in motion by everything around it and if the tail movement could be translated would go something like this:

“Dog chow , riding in the back of the truck with my tongue sticking out, walking in the park, petting and ear scratching, bone chewing, playing in the yard, chasing my tail, chasing the ball, watching TV, sleeping on the bed…I love it, I love it, I love it”

The cats

The cat’s eyes see everything and their expression shows that the little wheels in its head are twisting and turning. Here is what we suspect is going on in there:

“Day 1092 of my captivity. I am too good for the cell I am kept in. These people around me do not understand my style, my mind, my superior nature.

I am forced to live and eat on the floor and they always choose to pet me in spite of my obvious dread for the idea of being touched. I have so high expectations and I am so disappointed …every day there is no challenge smart enough for my perfect elegance and my outstanding personality”.

If laughter comes your way, then consider this: dogs are an outburst of energy, cats have balanced emotions.

There will be people eager to tell me there are dog breeds ready to sleep in the sun all day long never really enthusiastic to start chasing their tale.

Keep in mind that during the centuries the dogs have followed people everywhere and it’s only natural that they will be eager to enjoy our company.

The cats, on the other hand, are independent creatures, pretty much just in love with themselves, picky as affection is concerned but loyal to the ones they get attached to.

Dogs perceive us as owners; cats see us as their very own personal properties.

The dilemma of being a cat person or a dog person is in my opinion something invented simply by the narrow minded opinion of people that chose during the history to love one and not the other.

When you have a big house and more than one child, you will for sure have more than one pet. It is only logical that your family will be the domain of different pets from very different species so the funny moments will not be late to appear and neither will be the joy of having fun translating their behavior in small…human …words.


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