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6 Amazing Tips to Treat your Pet’s Dandruff

6 Amazing Tips to Treat your Pet’s Dandruff

Just like humans, pets too can suffer from the problem of dandruff. If your pet has been suffering from dandruff then this could be a direct result of dryness. Dryness is one of the major causes of dandruff in dogs as well as cats. If you wish to get rid of your pet’s dandruff, then […]

allergies in pets

How to Treat the Common Spring Allergies in Pets?

With spring around the corner, it is now time to take stock of all that can trouble your pet. Many pet owners may not be aware that spring brings with it plenty of health issues for the pets including allergies and exposure to toxic products. It pays to be aware of the various factors that […]

bedbugs on pets

Bedbugs Can Do a Lot of Damage to Your Pets

Bedbug infestation has grown to epidemic proportions all over US, leaving no one untouched. Bedbugs irritate not just humans but also their pets. Bedbugs are small, rust colored pests – about the size of apple seeds. They are semi nocturnal and parasitic in nature, and generally trouble warm blooded animals like cats, dogs and birds. […]

reduce the vet bill

How Can You Reduce The Vet Bill?

If you are spending more than what you can afford at the veterinarian’s, then maybe it’s time to think about ways to cut costs even without risking your pet’s wellbeing. You could make sufficient changes in your pet’s lifestyle and also cut down on some of the vaccinations in the list to save some costs. […]

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Cutting Edge Vet Technique – A Trend For Pet World

The technology and the science are nowadays anywhere. If you take a look at the medicine, you will see the progress of the lasers and the innovative machines that can save human life easily. In the veterinarian medicine the progress is also a fact. Nowadays modern lasers can heal your puppy even from cancer or […]