5 Ways to Identify Depression in Pets

You pets are the ones who keep you happy but there are times when they face depression too. Hence, we should not do the mistake of considering them as toys or hug babies all the time and keep in mind that they can be depressed too. There are signs and symptoms which they show when they get depressed and we should observe those carefully in order to help them cope up with their depression and mood swings and make them happy.

ways to identify depression in pets

Read below to know what does your pet do when they do not really feel good about anything:

They Become Withdrawn

Dogs who are often very playful and social stop interacting with anyone when they are depressed. They do not even respond to their companion pets or their special people, which are those whom he or she loves the most at home.

Changes in Eating Habits

The dog’s appetite might reduce drastically and this can cause weight loss or and invite other illnesses. At the same time, a depressed dog can also overeat and gain excessive weight which is equally harmful. Hence, you should keep a check if your dog shows changes in their eating habits.

Becoming Inactive

The dogs which are otherwise very playful and active suddenly become inactive and clumsy when they are depressed. Instead of punishing them for not responding to your training sessions, understand that they are depressed and help them get out of it by showing love and care to them. He might also move slower than usual and wander around without a purpose.

Changes in Sleeping Habits

When the dogs are depressed, they might sleep more than usual or sleep less and have a restless time while sleeping as well. They might have disturbed sleeps too.

Discontinue Gestures

Dogs are very interactive and usually wag their tails and get excited when they see their loved ones. When a dog is depressed, they do not respond to anything and tend to go and sit at corners, facing the walls.

You should keep a check whether your dog is showing any of the above signs and sadly, if he is showing it you should immediately take all the efforts in order to cheer him up because your pets are your family and you cannot let them stay depressed for a long time. Take them for an outing at the park or try to give them a change they need if required.


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