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how to take care of mystery snails

How to Take Care of Mystery Snails

A Mystery Snail is a commonly seen freshwater aquarium snail in the pet shops; these are usually brown in color, while some can also be creamy white. Mystery Snail shells are usually in solid colours, but you also get too see color gradients with streaks of light and dark brown, black stripes and other marks. […]

signs to know that your family is ready for a pet

6 Signs to Know that your Family is Ready for a Pet

If you are someone who is considering bringing a pet inside your house and into your life, then you must first ensure that your family is ready for it. Pets tend to become an important part of your life and without others around you being fine with them, it is impossible to adjust the pet […]

ways to avoid losing your dog

Top 6 Most Effective Ways to Avoid Losing your Dog

Dogs are definitely the most loving pets and if you own one, then you will agree that they become your best friends and it is hard to imagine life without them. Even the thought of losing your dog can be scary yet millions of dogs get lost every year. While some find their way back […]

how to attract squirrels

How to Attract Squirrels: 5 Pointers You May Like

Many people like squirrels and love to have squirrels in their backyard or garden. The reasons can vary. Some may find these little furry creatures too cute to resist. Some may be in favor of the nut catching and promotion of bio-system. In addition, some are not fond of these creatures because they may end […]

tips to keep pet food and bowls free from bugs

Tips to Keep Pet Food and Bowls Free from Bugs

If you have a pet at home, bugs are sure to annoy you here and there – especially on the food bowls of the pet. It’s both a disgusting sight and also can be dangerous for your pet’s health. Bugs usually carry dreadful diseases and spread onto anything that they are nibbling; pet bowls being […]