Top 6 Most Effective Ways to Avoid Losing your Dog

Dogs are definitely the most loving pets and if you own one, then you will agree that they become your best friends and it is hard to imagine life without them. Even the thought of losing your dog can be scary yet millions of dogs get lost every year.

While some find their way back to their owner’s house, others may never return. This is why; you must make efforts to avoid losing your dog. The following are some of the ways in which you can do so:

ways to avoid losing your dog

  • The first way to ensure that your pet dog is returned to you in case it gets lost is to make him wear a collar with his name, your address and your phone number on it. This tag must be attached to the dog at all times.
  • Another way to avoid losing your dog is to train him to find your house from anywhere in the neighborhood. The dog must be able to identify you, your house or the surroundings so that it can find his way back, even if he is lost.
  • Another superb way to prevent losing your dog is to walk him on a leash whenever you step out of the house with him. Dogs may not understand the various threats and dangers like accidents, cruel individuals, other strong dogs etc. This is why, it is important to buy a strong leash and attach it to the dog whenever you go out.  Do not allow your dog to roam around on his own as that can put him in a lot of danger. Make sure the leash is long enough to let the dog be free, even when he is on the leash.
  • Buy a crate for your dog so that whenever you are travelling, the dog can be put inside it and transported easily, without the risk of him getting lost. This is the best way to transport your dog in trains, airplanes and even in buses.
  • Make sure you offer the dog enough reasons to come back home, even if he is lost or escapes from your house. Reward him with treats when he comes to you.
  • Make sure all the doors and windows of the house are closed during the night or when you are not at home, to avoid the dog from escaping. Some dogs are addicted to escaping and may find ways to do so in your absence.


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