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Things You Did Not Know about Pet Food

Although some people might say that the food you feed your dog isn’t really important, the truth is that it is quite difficult to decide what kind of dog food to choose. Some say that offering dog food is the lazy way out while the dog food companies say that if you don’t give the […]

Pet Nutrition

The Overlooked Importance of Pet Nutrition

Most people do not think much about pet nutrition when they first get their pet because they are only thinking about the fun times they are going to have with their new friend. One of the saddest facts that many vets around the world have to face on a daily basis is that most of […]

Pet Food

The Natural Pet Food and What It Is Actually About

The majority of people focus a lot on healthy nutrition in our days. But what about the pet food we feed our beloved pets? The advantage of the natural food for dogs is that in the majority of the cases they have a lot of nutrients that the commercial dog foods lacks. For example, most […]

Vegan Pet Chow

The Pros and Cons of Vegan Pet Chow

The veganism by itself is a current growing more popular everyday. If the people considered that the vegan food and lifestyle is the right way to go, having a vegan pet became the next thing on the vegan agenda. The pet owner community and the vegan community might not see eye to eye on the […]

pet food

Wet Food Vs. Dry Food – A Challenge For The Pet Owners

If you have ever had a pet then you should know that there are many options available for food for your pet. Whether feline or canine, you can get food in dry or wet varieties. Even though it comes down to a combination of what is best for your pet, what your veterinarian says and […]