How to Attract Squirrels: 5 Pointers You May Like

Many people like squirrels and love to have squirrels in their backyard or garden. The reasons can vary. Some may find these little furry creatures too cute to resist. Some may be in favor of the nut catching and promotion of bio-system.

In addition, some are not fond of these creatures because they may end up eating all the bird feed in the yard. In such a situation it is anyways better to have a separate arrangement for squirrels. This is because; a bird feeder will attract the squirrels, chipmunks etc. who will end up in your yard.

how to attract squirrels

Here are a few method tips that can be a great help in attracting squirrels:

Cover for Squirrels

One way to attract squirrels to the backyard or the garden area is to build special covered sheds. You can also carefully designs regions that are a natural shed for squirrels such as shrubs, or some hedges or ornamental grass etc.

Build a Separate Platform

Build a separate platform for squirrels and lay out squirrel feed on it. It is smart to give the squirrels a separate area so that the bird feed is secure and the squirrels know not to eat it. Also building special platform will attract more and more squirrels to your garden area.

Squirrel Friendly Trees

Naturally, there are certain trees that the squirrels favor, that is, they like the nut or flowers of the trees a lot. Planting such trees in your yard; or trees whose branches give squirrels ample space and scope to nest; will definitely attract them. Trees that fall in this category include pines, willows, spruces etc.

Squirrel Fodder

There are some specific items, which make for the best kind of squirrel fodder and hence attract many squirrels. As per general convention the most common fodder types include- sunflower seeds, corns, acorns, bird feed, hickory nuts etc.

A Water Source

Putting up a source of clean and fresh water to drink is something squirrels should not pass on. Therefore, another way to attract squirrels to the area is putting out a shallow, low bowl or tray of clean water. Make sure to keep changing the water regularly. This trick will take a special effect in the summer season.

Separate other pets

In case you also have cats or dogs in the house (meaning you are a total animal lover) then it is best to keep these pets away from the yard or give them a separate area. If let loose they will scare away any squirrels that you attract.


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