Top 6 Tips to Care for your Dog after Surgery

If your dog has to undergo surgery, then probably there is nothing worse for him than that.  Surgery can prove to be very scary for your pets because recovery may sometimes take time and that could be a painful period for them.  As a pet owner and friend, it is your responsibility to take care of your dog after the surgery.

Besides giving your love and warmth, there are many others ways to do so well. The following are the top tips to care for your dog after surgery:

tips to care for your dog after surgery1. Keep the Dog Warm but not too Hot

One of the ways to take care of your dog after it has undergone surgery is to keep it warm but not hot.  Sometimes when the effect of anaesthesia wears off, the dog’s temperature receptors or sensors may not be working for a couple of days and this is why, you will need to help to let him adjust to the change in temperatures.

2. Give Water

At this time, your dog may not feel thirsty but it is important that you give him liquids from time to time.  Drinking water may help the dog feel better.

3. Wound Care

Another way to care for your dog after surgery is to provide proper wound care to it. Ask the vet the best way to take care of the wounds so that the wound can heal faster. You may need to wash the wounds, apply antiseptic from time to time and close the wound using a bandage etc.  If you need help, don’t hesitate to call your doctor.

4. Prevent it from Licking its Wounds

You must try to prevent your dog from licking its wounds at this point of time.  Licking the wounds can cause an infection and is not right for the dog. Also, isolate your dog from others as it may take help of others to lick its wounds.

5. Take your Dog out Once a Day

Another way to take care of the dog after it has undergone surgery is to take it out once a day so that it can get a fresh air and feel better. Sitting at home all day can turn your dog dull and even more in pain but stepping out will allow him to feel normal again.

6. Keep him on the Floor

To avoid stumbling and falling down due to the effect of anaesthesia, it is better to keep the dog on the floor after the surgery.


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