How To Crate-Train Your Dog?

puppyIf you have recently adopted a puppy or a dog from a shelter or other rescue organization; good for you!

New dogs and puppies always need to be house trained and here we are going to tell you exactly how to do that.

Crate-training dogs is the easiest way to get them house trained and we will show you how in 3 easy steps. [Dog Training]

1. First of all make sure you have a crate that is just big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lay down. Absolutely nothing smaller and you should not get anything bigger.

Crates (also referred to sometimes as kennels) are sometimes thought to be cruel but we assure you they are very safe and actually dogs feel they are in their ‘den’ in crates.

Your dog will be sleeping in the crate and spending any time in the crate that you cannot be watching them. This is the most efficient way to crate-train a dog.

2. Whenever your dog is out of the crate you need to be always watching them. Look for signs that they are going to go to the bathroom; many dogs circle around a few times and many dogs also sniff before urinating.

Regardless, you will become a master of knowing when your dog is about to go to the bathroom! As soon as the dog squats or lifts their leg you will gently but firmly say “no” and carry (or lead) them outside.

Once outside you will pick a ‘word’ that will always be used when you want your dog to go to the bathroom. For many people this word is ‘outside’ for some it is ‘potty’. As soon as they go to the bathroom outside you calmly yet firmly say ‘good Max!’ or whatever their name is.

3. Remember that pet dogs need daily exercise and by providing your dog with a walk every morning and evening you are stimulating their mind for a happy and more willing-to-learn dog.

Do not under any circumstances rub your dog’s nose in their excrement or spank them. This is an old school myth that never had any truth to it and actually was quite cruel.

Stick to positive reinforcement. Don’t punish them for doing something they weren’t aware they shouldn’t do; instead praise them and make them feel they’ve accomplished something when they go to the bathroom outside.

If you stick to this plan of dog crate training we guarantee you will have a completely house trained dog within a week. And if you ever have setbacks there is a chance something is wrong and your dog may have a urinary tract infection or some other ailment.


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