6 Tips to keep your Dog Smelling Fresh

No one would like to cuddle and adore a smelly dog; even if you are an ardent dog lover. Often dogs smell really awful due to varied reasons including flatulence, poorly maintained fur or bad-breath.

Giving bath to the dog everyday is just not possible due to the immense hassle it undertakes; also it’s not medically recommended as the dog might catch cold.

However, this can never be an excuse to why the dog should bring an annoying smell in the house. We provide you with some really easy and effective techniques to keep your dog smelling fresh:

keep your dog smelling fresh

1. Baby Wipes: Pet stores keep wipes used for pets, which surely work wonders! Each wipe is moistened with cleansers and conditioners and a few with deodorants too. With this you can wipe your dog’s skin, without harming them in any way. But you just need to be careful enough to stay away from the eye areas.

2. Cornstarch and Baking Soda: Both of these are natural products and should be used to clean in between two baths. Both of these are absorbent and will condition the skin. You should do this before brushing. Also, cornstarch acts as a natural itch relief for our dogs.

3. Dog Powder: You can get these powders, which are quite similar to baby powders, which help to deodorize them. While using cornstarch or baking soda, you may apply a little bit of these powders too, which keeps dogs clean and fresh.

4. Washing dog beddings: This is surely the place where the dogs like to huddle up. But, these may stink too. To avoid such you may change/wash the dog’s beddings every week or so. This will surely help to keep doggy and doggy house odor-free.

5. Brushing the dog: All the dirt, along with which comes the allergens, may be the very reason for the odor of your dog. Brushing the dog removes all the allergens and also keeps the dogs free from some diseases. So brushing, brushing and more brushing needs to be done, on a regular basis.

6. Dog’s appetite: Some of the dogs may take more amount of food in-take, which results in flatulence. So we must take care of their food and diet

Thus with the help of above given tips you can not only keep your dog smell fresh but also keep them clean and healthy.

Photo Credit By: funchap.com


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