How to know you are ready for a pet

It is true that most of us are just in love with those lovely little cute dogs and those wonderfully cuddly cats living with our relatives, friends and neighbors. But loving a pet from a distance and actually adopting or bringing one home are two VERY different things.  Before jumping to the decision of bringing a pet home, you must consider the following 10 things:

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1. The first thing you must know to see whether you are ready for a pet is the reason why you want a pet. Is it because you want to have a companion or is it because you just completely love pets and can’t live without them?

2. You know you are ready for a pet when you can take sufficient time out to care for them, nurture them, teach them and feed them. So time is another matter of consideration for those thinking of bringing a pet home.

3. Can you afford a pet? Having a pet can be expensive on your pocket. Apart from purchase cost, you will need to set aside money for food, shelter, toys and veterinary services.

4. If you are ready to deal with the many challenges that having a pet can bring along, then you probably are ready. Pets can lead to allergies, broken crockery, scratched furniture and untidy household.

5. Another thing to know before bringing a pet home is whether it is the right time in life for you to consider a pet. If you are currently in a schedule or state of life where you won’t be able to enjoy the companionship of a dog or a cat, then you must turn down the idea.

6. Your living arrangements must also be suitable for a pet to grow and run around. When a pet is home, you will need to make certain changes in your household and this is another thing to consider.

7. It is also very important to know whether you will make for a responsible pet owner. If you think you are not ready to be responsible, then having a pet isn’t such an s good idea.

8. Also consider whether your landlord allows pets.

9. You must always also have a backup option where you pet can stay when you are not in town. Without making this arrangement, do not consider bringing a pet home.

10. Having a pet for a short period of time is a different thing but are you ready to have a pet around for a long haul?

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