How To Raise A Healthy And Happy Dog?

canine-careOnce you’ve made the commitment to your canine companion to raise them and take care of them you are in for a dedication to that dog for anywhere up to fifteen and possibly even more years.

So how can you assure you make those years the healthiest and happiest for your loyal canine companion?

1. Walk your dog every day.

Just because you put them in your fence in backyard does not mean they are getting exercise. You need to take your dog on a walk every day

The benefits of taking your dog for a daily walk are many. Walking your dog daily will mentally stimulate them as well as help them stay fit.

2. Keep up on their vaccinations.

They should be vaccinated for Rabies, Bordatella (kennel cough) DA2PP, and possibly others depending upon where you live. For example there has been an outbreak of Giardia in some of the southern and Midwest states so in these states your veterinarian may or may not recommend you to vaccinate your dog for Giardia.

In regards to the Bordatella vaccination many vets only require you to vaccinate your dog for Bordatella once a year however we recommend you do so every six months. Bordatella is like the human flu; there are many different strains and each pet vaccination only protects from one strain.

3. Get senior wellness exams

In the dog’s senior years which are usually considered to be after six or seven years, make sure they are getting senior wellness exams. A senior wellness exam is a blood sample that runs a whole gamut of tests to detect for everything from diabetes to thyroid problems and many other ailments plaguing senior canines.

4. Do not chain your dog.

If you do not have a fenced-in backyard then you will have to get used to walking your dog every time they have to go to the bathroom. Chaining leads to unnecessary aggression in some breeds and is a cruel act.

Having a loyal canine companion in your life can be the best decision you ever make especially if you consider adopting from a shelter or other animal rescue organization.

Once you do bring a dog into your life you need to remember you have made a commitment for the term of the dog’s life. You are completely and solely responsible for this dog’s life, health, well-being and happiness and this is not a job to be taken lightly. [Dog health care]


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