Caring For Your Pet Turtle

Turtles make really amazing and loving pets.  These little creatures are very cute and having them is like having a lifelong companion. Before you consider purchasing a turtle, you must be well informed about the ways to care for one.  Turtles of different age need different types of care and without this commitment, having a pet turtle might not be the best idea. So for your reference, here are a few points that will help you to know how to care for pet turtles:

turtle care


  • The first step to care for a turtle is to know about the characteristics of different turtles or of the one that you own.  Depending upon the characteristics, you will be in a better position to provide care and love.
  • The next thing to do is to decide what kind of habitat you want your turtle to be in. this depends upon the specie of turtle. For example, some turtles need water to live in while some live on land.   Both kinds will need big enclosures and
  • Another thing to remember in order to give best care to your pet turtle is to know that turtles need a source of heat nearby. You can place a lamp near the enclosure.
  • Another thing which turtles need to survive is UV light.  UV light helps them to produce Vitamin D, which in turn keeps them healthy.  This can be done by exposing your pet turtle to UV lamps.
  • Turtles are generally shy and need some kind of a cover to hide them every now and then. For this, you can make necessary arrangements within the enclosure.  This shelter will make them feel much more secure.
  • Turtles love being around plants and rocks etc. to ensure this, you can add a few branches of live plants or elastic ones in the enclosure along with a few small rocks. Make sure that the plants are not toxic or harmful in any other way.
  • Feeding is an important part of turtle care.  Eventhough the exact diet depends upon the turtle specie but most of them love a lot of vegetation.  For this, you can feed them with lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and other green vegetables.  Apart from this turtles will also need 2-3 pieces of meat per day or other protein sources like fish, brine, insects or shrimp.
  • Make sure you clean the habitat of your pet turtle regularly.  If your turtle lives in water, change the water every week.

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