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human food items harmful for the dog

10 Human Food Items Harmful for the Dog

If you are a dog owner you should have the right knowledge about its diet and even better knowledge about what foods should be avoided. Although, your pet is a part of the family but do not offer a complete family plate to the dog as some human foods are very dangerous to a dog’s […]

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Top 5 Homemade Dog Food Recipes

While it is true that your dog may love commercially available food and this may seem like an easier option, but at the same time prolonged intake of commercial food may lead to allergies and reactions in your dog.  Therefore feeding your dog homemade food every once in a while is the advisable thing to […]

Pets food

Serving Up The Correct Meal

One of the biggest problems people seem to have with weight and eating is a lack of control over portion size and one of the main factors of this is lack of awareness and care.  So many people judge by eye how much rice or pasta to have but if they measured out the recommended […]

Dog Diet for Kidney Problems

Dog Diet for Kidney Problems

Kidney disease is also known as renal disease and you should know that this is a common problem in case of dogs as they age. In order to treat the problem there is need to implement the dog diet for kidney problems. This way the job of the dog’s kidneys will become easier and life […]

What Is a Natural Dog Diet

What Is a Natural Dog Diet?

Dogs are classified as omnivores, which mean that they can eat any type of food and hence are easier to feed. Typically the natural foods suited for dogs are: raw bones, meat, grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. So what is a natural dog diet? A natural diet for dog can be defined as something that […]