Care Tips For Musk Turtle

musk turtleMusk turtles vary in five different species but the ways in which to care for them are very similar if not the same.

  • Musk turtles enjoy swimming so that means they require a slightly large tank to accommodate this hobby. Your aquarium is where your pet turtle will reside for more than twenty years so it is an investment. Hatchlings require a water depth that is open to approximately four inches, while adults will require slightly about twelve inches.
  • A good and efficient filtration system is essential to the turtle’s general health and well being. A canister filter will be ideal for an adult turtle’s habitat. To change the water frequently in a baby turtle’s tank, a submersible foam filter, power filter or any filter designed for low levels of water will be better suited for the shallower water.
  • Fewer accessories must be put into the tank to make sure it remains cleaner and the number of accessories must be kept to a minimum. Amongst the few accessories that you may put in the aquarium, hiding places such as caves would be ideal for the turtle’s use. You do not need to buy one as a half flower pot will do just as well. If you are artistic you can create your own rock work but just be sure that the rocks are very sturdy to avoid them collapsing on your turtle. [Aquarium Decorations]
  • On one end of the aquarium, build up a basking area using driftwood, rocks or other material that are water resistant and will be suitable to introduce to your turtle’s habitat. This basking area may not be used by the turtle because it spends lots of time on the bottom of the tank but build it anyway and do not remove it just in case.
  • Live aquatic plants will be a great and natural way of providing your turtle with oxygen. However, your turtle may try to eat these plants so before buying plants make sure they are safe to eat and affordable as you will be required to replace them occasionally. Artificial plants will be great just for decorative purposes and to give the aquarium a ‘natural’ feel but also make sure that they do not fall apart easily and that they are made out of safe materials for your turtle.
  • Sand, large gravel or silt may be used as substrate but it is not necessary. Most commercial turtle diets will be suitable for these carnivorous animals. Allow food to settle for a few days. Adult turtles must be fed every two days whereas juveniles are fed every day.

Musk turtles will bite when first caught but are fairly easy to handle.


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