The Work Of The Pet Cancer Foundation

pet cancerThe Pet Cancer Foundation was set up to provide advice and support to owners of pets throughout the United States.

Its aim is to increase pet cancer awareness and to assist people who have sick animals in taking the right care of their pets. [Pet Care]

Free consultation is vital as often expensive charges can mean that domestic animals do not get the treatment that they require, often resulting in death.

The Pet Cancer Society offers a free resource, which can not only be accessed by owners but also local veterinarians.

The web site gives details of how a free consultation from a certified animal oncologist can be obtained. The latter will be able to detail the medicines required and highlight the most effective care required for the specific cancer that has been diagnosed.

Pet’s Best Insurance, who support the Pet Cancer Foundation, have pledged one million dollars to a Cure Canine Cancer drive set up by the Morris Animal Foundation (MAF).

It is hoped that within the next two decades dog cancer will be eradicated completely. Author and veterinarian, Dr. Alice Villalobos is convinced that offering a free consultation service will save the lives of numerous pets.

The type of cancer seen in pets includes leukemia, bone, and lymphoma and also the disease can attack the mammary glands. Millions of domesticated animals die each year, which represents a lot of family heartache, and many less of man’s best friends around to supply much needed loyalty and affection.


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