What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Pet Turtle?

Pet TurtleTurtles are most fascinating pets to own, but many people get them without knowing how to care of them.

Caring for pet turtles is not a tough process, because they just require right space, shade, light and moisture for their survival.

You must know the requirements of the pet turtles before you plan to get them.

You have to place the pet turtles outside your home. All the Turtles hibernate in winter season; they won’t hibernate if they are kept inside. Liver diseases will develop if they won’t hibernate properly.

Some people keep the turtles inside their home and use refrigerators in order to make them hibernate. This is not a good process because hibernation in turtles will be interrupted if the refrigerator abruptly rises in temperature or if the power goes off.

Be sure to wash your hands after handling your pet turtles because some turtles do carry “salmonella“. The environment which is present around the turtle must be maintained in clean manner.

You must keep the water fresh and take out the waste present in the water. Try to arrange water filtration systems in the tank of your pet turtles to keep the water clean.

Don’t use tap water for the tank of turtles because the tap water contains fluoride and chlorine which is not good for the health of your pet turtles. You must provide de-chlorinated water in the swimming area and filter water for drinking.

Lots of commercial diets are available for the turtles. Dietary requirements differ from one another, depending on the species you have to select the right diet suitable for it. You must feed your pet turtles 2 to 3 times in a week.

Don’t put bark of the tree or wood chips in your turtle’s tank. These things will cause problems if the turtle ingests this. Water also gets contaminated very quickly with these things because they encourage fungus or molds to grow.

Turtles require twelve hours of sunlight. If you keep the turtles inside, try to provide UV lamp for your turtle’s tank. This lamp will provide vitamin D3 which is obtained from the sunlight. Pet turtles need this vitamin D3 to stay healthy.


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