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tips to care for your dog after surgery

Top 6 Tips to Care for your Dog after Surgery

If your dog has to undergo surgery, then probably there is nothing worse for him than that.  Surgery can prove to be very scary for your pets because recovery may sometimes take time and that could be a painful period for them.  As a pet owner and friend, it is your responsibility to take care […]

acupuncture for dogs

Useful Information about Acupuncture for Dogs

Believe it or not but acupuncture is not just good for you but also for your dog. Yes, there are many acupuncture practices that can be done for dogs as well but only by certified veterinarians or therapy specialists. Acupuncture can benefit dogs of all life stages including adult, senior or juvenile. Moreover, this treatment […]

encourage your dog to drink water

Ways to Encourage your Dog to Drink Water

Why is your Dog not Drinking Enough Water? Many of you may have faced the problem of your dog not drinking enough water. Some of you may have even got tips from friends to solve this problem. But the first step is to understand what the problem with your dog is and why it is […]

Dog Sickness Symptoms

Dog Sickness Symptoms

Having a sick dog is all pet owners’ nightmare. This is why it is important to know about the dog sickness symptoms. Although dogs can’t talk, they can communicate with you in other ways. If you really know your dog, you will be able to find what’s wrong with him. Behavioral changes One of the […]

Dog Itching but No Fleas Remedy

Dog Itching but No Fleas Remedy

The truth is that people find it difficult to use dog itching but no fleas remedy because fleas are the first thing people think about when they see their dog scratching. The good news is that there are several options that you could try to take care of the problem. Oatmeal bath The first thing […]