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Things to Know about your Newly Bought Gold Fish

Goldfish is one of the most popular variety of freshwater fish in the world and is a beautiful creature to own and to look at. It is an ideal fish for any aquarium owner or pet fish enthusiast who is just beginning to buy and care for fish because of ease of care and its […]

ways to take care of your pet fish

Some Amazing Ways to Take Care of your Pet Fish

Fish come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and breeds. Fish may seem really cool and manageable creatures in a tank or aquarium; afterall all they do the entire day is swim across. But ask a pet owner how difficult it may get to take care of pet fish. Not only do they have to […]

treat flukes in goldfish rightly

How to Treat Flukes in Goldfish Rightly

Goldfishes are an integral part of an aquarium. But many a times these fishes can be attacked by a parasite called fluke. You will notice that these parasites are difficult to get rid of as they affect the entire tank along with the filter pump. So you need to be patient while clearing these parasites. […]

Goldfish Maintenance Tips For Children

Goldfish Maintenance Tips For Children

Goldfish are the ideal pet for children because they are economic, attractive to children and only need a simple maintenance regimen. [Goldfish care] Most parents obtain them for their kids as a trial run to get the kids used to having responsibilities. These pets are in abundance and in wide variations of color, shape and […]

How To Take Appropriate Care For Gold Fish?

How To Take Appropriate Care For Gold Fish?

You will find wide varities of goldfishes. Carassius auratus and Asian carp are the most common types of goldfishes. These goldfishes are temperate fishes found in lakes, cold streams and ponds. These fishes can be found in the part of Eastern Europe and throughout Asia. Appropriate care is essential for these fishes even though it […]