Enhancing both Health Span and Life Span from the Inside Out

There’s nothing quite like the bond between you and your loyal pooch and it is something that only grows stronger as the years go by. This could have something to do with the sheer number of years you spend together, on average 12.8, making them one of the longest friendships you can have with a pet. To ensure your pooch has both a good health span and life span we need to look at diet and appropriate care.

enhancing both health span and life span from the inside out

Vets Maintain that Prevention is the Best Cure

It may be a cliché for us humans, but vets maintain the best thing you can do for your dog’s well being is treat prevention as the best form of medical care.

This starts with routine procedures like obtaining pet insurance, to help you keep up withvaccinations andhealth check-ups. Your vet will also be able to advise you on health issues your breed may be susceptible to, and other issues to consider as you dog ages. This way, you’ll be prepared to counter any potential joint issues, vision problems, or other unhealthy developments down the line—and hopefully head them off entirely.

Doggie Diets are Best Left to the Experts

Food is one of the biggest expenses you’ll incur as a dog owner, but it’s also one area where you should be willing to invest good money. Diet is essential in everything for a dog, from long-term health down to the quality of their coat, and spending a bit of time learning about nutrition and settling on the right diet can help give them a great quality of life.,
Dogs have very specific dietary needs that vary by breed size and age, which is why experts recommend you buy commercial dog food, rather than try to create a homemade diet yourself. A lot of research and expertise goes into making these foods to give your dog all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need, at every stage of life:

source: Eukanuba

Know What Every Happy Dog Needs

They’re considered our best friends for a good reason,and loyal pooches need more companionship than any other household pet. It’s recommended that your dog isn’t routinely left alone for more than four hours at a time, as this can cause distress and lead to bad behaviour.
Sadly, it’s estimated that a quarter of all dogs in the UK don’t get the recommended amount of companionship they need. It’s a sad result of the busy lifestyle we lead in this country, but prior engagements are no excuse for letting pets fall down the list of priorities.
With a nutritious diet in place and enough quality time spent together, the rest of your dog’s needs quickly fall into place:
Dogs Love Routine

So regular feeding times, exercise and people walking through the door to a slobbery welcome are as delightful for them as they are convenient for you.

Your Pet will Want his or her Own Space

A comfortable place to sleep is a no-brainer, but also somewhere to call their own in the family room (if this isn’t where they sleep, of course).

Dogs Need Mental Stimulation

This is easy if they have enough company. Petting, games, toys or any kind of interaction with you is what they really want and need coupled with the right amount of food and exercise.

Dogs Give Every Bit as much as they Receive

So dogs can be demanding, but they don’t ask for much in the grand scheme of things. A healthy diet, warm bed and enough exercise are things every human and animal are entitled to – and, aside from that, a dog only really needs your time and attention.
More to the point, dogs give every bit as much as they receive – if not more, and there’s no better pooch to have around the house than a healthy, happy dog from the inside out.


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