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guide on summer bird feeding

A Comprehensive Guide on Summer Bird Feeding

Summers are great for outings, picnics, and gardening and if you are a nature lover then you may also find it a great time to feed birds. Once you start feeding them you will see that a great number of birds are visiting your backyard every day. They can also create a nest in your […]

bird feeder

The Best Possible Places to Place The Bird Feeder

Love feeding birds or love seeing birds eating or feeding? Well the best way to feed the birds is to place bird feeders in or around your house.  Bird feeders can either be hanged or can be placed on a hard surface. But most people are confused about the placement of bird feeders because not […]

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Creating Your Own Pine Cone Bird Feeder

One activity that you can use to clog up some time for your and your kids over the weekend is the process of creating a pine cone bird feeder. Most people like the idea of having some kind of bird feeder in their backyard because it attracts more birds to your yard. There is something […]

bird feeders

16 Creative Bird Feeder Designs

Here are different bird feeder designs from which you can select one for your yard.

How To Keep Away Squirrels From Your Bird Feeder?

How To Keep Away Squirrels From Your Bird Feeder?

Location is the secret weapon in your war against squirrels. Locate your bird feeder in a spot that is inaccessible by squirrels. Hanging it in a high place will do the trick but hanging it in a tree is useless as squirrels can climb trees. Rather hang it on a shiny, high polished pole that […]