Creating Your Own Pine Cone Bird Feeder

One activity that you can use to clog up some time for your and your kids over the weekend is the process of creating a pine cone bird feeder. Most people like the idea of having some kind of bird feeder in their backyard because it attracts more birds to your yard. There is something special about having a backyard that is animal friendly because there is an element of peace and calmness that comes with most friendly animals.

A pine cone bird feeder is definitely something that will attract more animals to your yard, especially birds that are looking for something to eat during the day. Once the bird realizes that the food is always going to be there, you can count on them to start coming back on a regular basis. The only thing you need to worry about with most bird feeders is that squirrels will oftentimes try to steal some of that food that you left out for the birds.

Pine Cone Bird FeederThis is a great activity to do with your kids during the cold seasons because your children are not going to want to play outside when the temperature is too low. Arts and crafts of any kind are a great option during the colds months because your kids will need to do something while they are inside.

You may as well have them create some bird feeders because that is usually a better option than having them play video games all day long.

Supplies for your pine cone bird feeder

There are a few things you are going to need to create a pine cone bird feeder, so make sure you have all of your supplies before you get started. The main things that you are going to need for this project are a pine cone, creamy peanut butter and bird seed. These are the main ingredients of the bird feeder, but you also need to make sure you have some yarn to hang up the bird feeder somewhere in your backyard.

All you need to do to create your amazing new bird feeder is take a knife and start spreading the peanut butter around the pine cone. You can then put the bird food all over the peanut butter so it sticks to the pine cone and won’t fall off. These bird feeders are more fun to make than to actually use because it will be hard to use them more than once after all of the food on there is gone.

More practical bird feeders

A pine cone bird feeder gives you something fun to do on the weekend, but you need to actually buy a real bird feeder if you are looking for something more useful. Most people want their bird feeder to stick around for a little while, so you will have to buy a feeder from a store if you don’t want to have to keep creating new feeders from pine cones on a daily basis.


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