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ways to identify depression in pets

5 Ways to Identify Depression in Pets

You pets are the ones who keep you happy but there are times when they face depression too. Hence, we should not do the mistake of considering them as toys or hug babies all the time and keep in mind that they can be depressed too. There are signs and symptoms which they show when […]

pros and cons of grain free dog food

Pros and Cons of Grain Free Dog Food

It is very important to give the right food to your pet to keep them healthy. Grain free dog food is becoming very popular these days because it is closer to a dog’s natural diet which does not control grains and also that it is hypo allergic. If you are thinking of buying this food […]

ways to care your quacker parrot

Top 4 Ways to Care your Quacker Parrot

Myiopsitta monachus is the scientific name for Quaker Parrots and are more commonly known Monk Parakeet. This bird is considered to be the most sociable bird with distinguishing nesting habits. This breed is well admired for making nests with only twigs and do not require a pre-existing cavity. Being the most sociable, it can be […]

guidebook on choosing pet carriers

Guidebook on Choosing Pet Carriers

Selecting the right carrier for your pet can be quite a challenging task as you have to choose from a wide array of designs of various sizes, shapes and styles. Do not get swayed away by chic designs. Appearance alone should not govern your decision for choosing a Pet Carrier. More important criteria like proper […]

benefits of coconut oil for your pets

Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Pets

Coconut oil is known to have many health benefits for human beings from time immemorial. Although the various parts of coconut tree are useful in diverse ways, the most significant use of it is through coconut oil, which is even used to cure diseases. Its numerous health benefits are not only applicable to human beings […]