7 Myths About Animal Shelters You Should Reject

Animal shelters play a very important role in the overall well-being of animals. However, despite the role played them, there are several myths which have emerged and dented the reputation of these shelters—and it is time we debunked a few of them for you.

There are 7 myths about which we will talk in this article; so let us take a look.

7 Myths About Animal Shelters You Should Reject

  1. Old Pets Are Available For Adoption

It is absolutely untrue that animal shelters only give away old pets for adoption. You will find animals of all age groups in a shelter, and it is up to you to decide which one you want. So, now you know there is no age discrimination going on in the shelters.

  1. Uninformed And Incompetent Staff

Another misconception about animal shelters is that they are staffed with uninformed and incompetent people who have no or insufficient knowledge about animals and their handling.

We do not completely deny that some shelters condone dereliction of duty towards animals, but this is not a usual scenario. Generally, animal shelters hire competent staff which is well acquainted and trained in the handling of animals. Many times, animal shelters employ specialists and volunteers to improve their man force and offer better treatment to animals.

  1. Animal Shelters Are All About Dogs And Cats

Dogs and cats are popular pets, but that should not lead you into believing that all shelters house only these two animals. Many animal shelters house animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and even birds such as parrots and canaries.

  1. Animal Shelters Are Dirty

The overall maintenance of a shelter depends largely depends on the funds it receives, but that does not mean those shelters with not much generous funding are maintained poorly. Most of the animal shelters are maintained properly and the animals they keep are given adequate attention.

So, if you are one of those who thinks animals in the shelter homes are dirty, then you are unintentionally propagating a myth.

  1. Shelter Animals Are Untamed And Have Behavioural Issues

It is a very commonly found belief among people that shelter animals are necessarily violent and have behavioral problems. Let us be quite blunt about it: there is nothing wrong with those animals; most of them are rescued and need special care and attention to be restored to normalcy.

Shelter animals are not mad—they need love.

  1. Animal Shelters Are All About Sadness

No, it is completely wrong to think that animal shelters are nothing but sad places. Quite contrary to this popular belief, animal shelters offer alife-changing experience to their inmates. They house rescued animals who are in dire need of health and emotional treatment. With time, these shelters help these animals to feel lively again and thus, they are not sad places.

  1. The Adoption Fee Is High

This may not be true for all shelters out there. In fact, much of it depends upon the scale of the shelter home. Thus, you will have to do an extensive comparative study to know the fees, but do not let yourself into believing that adoption is necessarily an expensive affair.


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