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cat health kidney disease

Cat Health Kidney Disease: Things to Know

Cat kidney helps in managing the cat’s blood pressure, remove waste from the body, and make hormones and the red blood cells. Needless to say they are an important organ and hence proper diet and timely assessments are essential for its proper functioning. Every cat owner must also be informed about the basics of a […]

common health issues in cats

3 Common Health Issues In Cats

Cats are a great pet to own and are also some of the most commonly owned pets across the world. One reason why some people prefer owning cats rather than dogs is because they are good at self-maintenance.  But even when they take care of themselves easily and no matter how much you try to […]

Side Effects of Cat Flu Vaccinations

Side Effects of Cat Flu Vaccinations

All pet owners wish to protect their pets against illnesses and so they might consider getting the pets vaccinated. However, in some cases the owners also have to think about the side effects of cat flu vaccinations to be prepared for whatever surprises you could have. Information about the cat flu vaccinations’ side effects It […]

Homemade Cat Food Vitamin Supplements

Homemade Cat Food Vitamin Supplements

Although the majority of the cat owners choose to offer commercial cat food to their pets, you might have the time to prepare homemade food. However in this case you will have to think about homemade cat food vitamin supplements to make sure that the cat will have all the vitamins and nutrients that he […]

Cat Flu Symptoms and Treatment

How to Recognize Cat Flu Symptoms and Treatment

Cat flu is very similar to human cold. Fever accompanied by runny nose, sore throat, aches and pains are all a part of the flu. Though not a very serious condition in adult cats, it could be fatal to kitten. Having some background knowledge about cat flu symptoms and treatment can help the caregiver in […]