Unseen Dangers Of The Invisible Fence

invisible fenceFor people with a dog, investing in an invisible fence may seem like a perfect solution, to prevent an animal from wandering off and damaging neighboring yards.

Before you buy one, though do a bit of research because they may be harmful for your dog and certain breeds will not even be controlled by this means.

Breeds such as Golden retrievers, have a very high resistance to pain and this means they can be injured because they do not heed the warning. In other dogs, it can cause a lot of anxiety and lead to very extreme behavior patterns. [Dog Behavior]

In a lot of cases, it would be better to put in the time training your dog rather than simply sticking up an electric shock system. It could potentially make your pet very unhappy and lead to health issues, which ultimately will cost you money at the veterinarians.

Different dog breeds have varying degrees of pain barrier; a strong shock to one type will barely register for another. The system of invisible fencing works by attaching a specially designed collar around the dog’s neck; this is then sent a static electric shock when it crosses the boundary. The latter is created by burying a wire underground.

There are health issues that you should be aware of including skin problems, irritation of the neck and even seizures. If your dog is an epileptic then this type of fencing could be potentially fatal if it caused a major fit. Close monitoring of your dog should be carried out if you decide to opt for this system.


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