Top 4 Ways to Care your Quacker Parrot

Myiopsitta monachus is the scientific name for Quaker Parrots and are more commonly known Monk Parakeet. This bird is considered to be the most sociable bird with distinguishing nesting habits. This breed is well admired for making nests with only twigs and do not require a pre-existing cavity. Being the most sociable, it can be easily trained by humans.

The intelligence level of this avian species is just astounding which can be effectively used by you for entertainment purpose. Quaker Parrot proves to be a great pet and can be a great companion. It has the ability to bring a ray of sunshine to dull surroundings.  The only thing the bird as a pet demands is patience, time and devotion.  It also needs care on a regular basis to ensure a good health.  A few tips to take care of your Quacker Parrot are:

ways to care your quacker parrot

A Good Cage

Although small in size, they are very active in nature. So they require a roomy cage of at least 18’’ x18’’ x18’’. These parrots are well known as escape artists, so you need to be extra careful with safety and security features of the cage. The bars must be not being far apart on one hand and also not very narrow that the bird gets stuck between the bars. As the Quakers are an intelligent species, they learn quickly the technique to unlatch the cage, so it is better to lock the latch.

Cleaning the Cage

As the bird is very messy in nature, a regular cleaning of the cage is very important. To ensure a good health of the Quaker Parrot, you need to clean the cage by scrubbing down the bars and that too almost on a regular basis.


As the owner, you need to be extra cautious about the diet of your pet. You must not give a repetitive diet as it lacks the proper nutrition. It is advisable to make the pellets part and mix in a variety of fruits along with vegetables. You can also feed the seeds and nuts, but occasionally. Never ever feed avocados as they can prove toxic. It is also better to avoid feeding chocolate, alcohol and caffeine.

A Good Vet

If you have a Quaker as a pet, you must know a good veterinarian. Annual checkups are very important as the bird is very susceptible to fatty liver issues. A good vet can suggest the proper diet. Moreover a regular check up of the beak, feather, and claws are needed to avoid any kind of infection.

It is no doubt an adorable pet and its behaviour largely depends on your training.


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