Pros and Cons of Grain Free Dog Food

It is very important to give the right food to your pet to keep them healthy. Grain free dog food is becoming very popular these days because it is closer to a dog’s natural diet which does not control grains and also that it is hypo allergic.

If you are thinking of buying this food for your loved pet as well, you first need to learn about the pros and cons of it so that you are able to decide whether it is going to be suitable for your dog as none of us would like to compromise on our pet’s health.

pros and cons of grain free dog food


  • Gran free diets help dogs fight food allergies as they contain higher amounts of meat, less carbohydrates and more digestible animal fats than that of the normal grain based foods.
  • It improves the digestive system functioning of your pets and helps the dogs who suffer from celiac diseases, canine inflammatory bowel diseases, bladder stones and allergies.
  • There are many reviews which suggest that pet owners who feed their dogs with grain free foods have seen their dog’s digestion and skin problems improve.
  • These foods have a higher ratio of meat which help the dogs stay closer to their natural diets as the y are naturally carnivorous in nature.
  • The taste of grain based foods is created in such a way that dogs relish it more than that of grain based foods.


  • Grain free diets are not really accepted by traditional vets because they think that the breeded dogs require more of a customized diet than that of their natural diet.
  • A lot of brands are not available at the usual pet food shops and hence even if pet owner wants to buy this food, he does not find it available easily.
  • These foods are more expensive when you compare them with the regular dog food brands and hence, not all pet owners can afford it easily.
  • It is difficult to make the dog switch from the traditional dog food to this grain free food and hence, your dog would not willingly want to switch to this food option and also face nausea if the taste does not suit him.

You can consider the advantages as well as disadvantages of grain free dog food and decide whether you want to start it for your dog but keep in mind to visit a vet before making any decision.


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