Things You Did Not Know about Pet Food

Although some people might say that the food you feed your dog isn’t really important, the truth is that it is quite difficult to decide what kind of dog food to choose. Some say that offering dog food is the lazy way out while the dog food companies say that if you don’t give the dog their products, you don’t love your pet.


Quality of life

There is one thing that everybody can agree on: the food determines the longevity of the dogs and their quality of life. In the same time we also have to admit, that, just as in case of human food, the best tasting one might not have the most nutrients. In many cases the tasty dog foods are meant to satisfy the needs of the pet owners and not the nutritional needs of the dogs.

All-natural foods

The truth is that we don’t know much about the all-natural dog foods. In order to find the perfect food for your dog you have to do a lot of research and you have to know the nutritional needs of your dog as well. You shouldn’t really follow the advice of any salesperson or any website that is trying to sell something to you.


The majority of pet owners don’t have time to do extensive research on organic food for their dogs. This is why they choose the best commercial dog food that they can find which comes with vitamin E and all the other nutrients that the dogs need. Pet stores like Feedem carry the kinds of foods that you might be looking for.

Raw food

There are a lot of people who say that the best kind of food that you can offer to your pet is the biologically available raw food or BARF. The main point is that this is the kind of food that the dog would have in the wild. The catch is that dogs don’t live long in the wild and at this moment there is no evidence suggesting that offering raw meat has any health benefits.

Give it a try

You could try giving raw food to your dog, but in this case you have to know exactly what to do because there is no middle road. You have to find the perfect organic food and you also have to offer your pet vegetables and other nutrients to satisfy their nutritional needs.


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