Equestrian Supplies and Choosing the Right Saddle

Although it isn’t such a common sport like soccer, riding horses is still one of the most rewarding sports of them all. In order to make sure that you can truly make the best of it, you should consider getting the right equestrian supplies.


The saddle

In case you are thinking about equestrian supplies, it is good to know that the saddle is the most important piece of equipment of them all. There are three main kinds of saddles that you can find: suede saddles, leather saddles, and synthetic saddles.

Characteristics of the saddles

The synthetic saddles are lightweight and they can be easily cleaned. On the other hand the leather saddles can last for a lifetime if they are of high quality. If you do choose a leather saddle, you have to make sure that the finish, fittings, and the stitches are done right.

What to consider?

Regardless whether you would like to have an English or Western saddle, you have to make sure that the equipment is suitable for the horse and for you. The saddle has to fit right across the shoulders, withers, and back and it shouldn’t dig in.

Types of saddles

Besides the material of the saddle, you also have to think about the type of saddle you would like to have. For instance there is the all-purpose saddle which makes it possible for the rider to change positions and to perform a wide range of activities, from jumping to walking.

Dressage saddle

During dressage it is important for the rider to have close contact with the horse. In this case the flaps are narrow and straight so that the rider’s leg will have the maximum contact with the side of the horse. This kind of saddle has a deeper cut than the English saddle.

Hunt seat and flat racing saddle

There are some other kinds of saddles as well that you can find in specialty stores, such as Burnhills. The hunt seat has been designed for hunting and it offers good support for jumping. On the other hand, the flat racing saddle is lightweight and it comes with short stirrups so that it allows the rider to lean forward as much as they need to.

If you a beginner, before you buy a saddle, you should make sure to talk to a professional to know what kind of saddle you are really looking for.


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