Pointers to Keep in Mind While Buying Pet Drugs Online

Pet owners are often tempted to buy pet drugs online as they are easily available, often can be got in discounted rates and you don’t even need to go hunting for the right shop to get the drug. Moreover most of the pet drug shops sell their products with the advertisement of ‘discounts’, ‘no prescription needed’ etc. that are even more alluring. However, FDA experts says it to be a risky venture as most of the medicines might not be carrying the certificate of Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) that makes it reliable and trustworthy.

Lately many pet shops operating online were banned because they were selling FDA unapproved pet drugs, made fraudulent claims, give out prescription drugs without even checking the prescription, and also selling expired drugs. Thus, we need to be very careful while buying pet drugs online. Here are some points to remember while you are buying pet drugs online, making sure that your purchase does not bring apparent change in your pet or put its health at risk.

pointers to keep in mind while buying pet drugs onlineCVM Approved

Always buy the drugs that are approved and labelled by CVM. Ask the seller to show you a screenshot of the label that contains the information from CVM. CVM is the governmental body that regulates the manufacturing and distribution of animal drugs; however there are state pharmacy boards that are regulating the dispensing of veterinary products given through prescription. Look for either of these approvals.

Look for Authorised Websites

VIPPS (Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) is a voluntary accreditation program that is approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). This board allows the online pharmacies to offer pet drugs only when you show them the prescription. The websites has the federal and state license that protects patient confidentiality, assures quality and validity of the drugs etc.

Check the Labels Specifically

Website drugs always do not show up the labels clearly; even if you have to buy the drug and it does not have a label, it would be recommended to change the online shop. Labels play a vital role when you are purchasing medications online as they contain all the details of the drug, its date etc. So the data verification is extremely important.

Do not buy over the Counter

This practice is a big NO for anyone and in case of animals, the case is even more delicate as they won’t be able to tell you their side effects. The growth supplements and hormonal drugs should never be purchased just seeing on the website, unless the vet has recommended you with a prescription.

Get a Cross Check Done

Often the names of the drugs read similar, but are completely different in composition. After reading the label of the drug, you will get the list of ingredients, cross check the list with your vet to ensure that its the same medication he has prescribed.

Remember, you are not going for any fancy shopping that you can buy any decked up bottle and feed your pet; starting from any sprays to serious medicines everything should be bought under strict supervision and serious care. Do follow the points mentioned above while you shop medicines for your pet online!


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