Why Use Dog Guards When Taking the Dog on a Road Trip?

The majority of the dogs simply love riding with you in the car. Pets are just as adventurous as men and they will never refuse a ride. However, no matter how fun the activity is, you should never forget about the safety of the dog.


Safety first

The pet owners usually have larger cars that have enough space in the back to accommodate the dog. If this is your case you might want to get a dog guard. This way the dog won’t be able to access the backseat. This is important because if he stays on the back seat and you stop or turn the car suddenly, he could get injured.

Lining the boot

Although dogs may seem tough, the truth is that their majority have motion sickness. Line the boot with dog blankets or bring the bed of the dog. Many dogs like to take a nap during traveling because this way they won’t get sick.

Getting a new puppy

If you get a new pet, you have to make sure that they get used to riding the car gradually. At first let the pet wander around the car without starting the engine. Then take him to short ride and gradually increase the distances.

Feeding the dog

One of the best things you can do for your pet is not to feed him a couple of hours before going on a trip. If you leave at noon, offer a nice breakfast to the dog, but don’t feed him anything else until you leave. This is because dogs can get sick more easily if they have their tummy full.


It is easier to manage traveling if dogs have something to keep them busy. If you get a dog guard for the car (which is the best thing you could do for the safety of the dog), make sure that he has some toys in the back because he won’t be able to get close to you and he will get bored.

Go shopping

In order to get the best dog guard possible, you should go to specialty shops, like Travall. These shops carry dog guards for all car makes and models. You might want to get some blankets and some toys too.


Dogs have a lot of energy, so it is a good idea to stop from time to time and take a short walk with the pet. This way it will be easier for them to travel.


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