Dog Friendly Holiday Options in UK

A very happy news for UK dog owners is that more and more holiday locations over Britain are allowing dogs on the premises improving this way both emotionally and financially the perspective of a family holiday.


Interesting facts

The families with kids are on the first spot in a public poll conducted over Britain by Medic The poll scrutinized over 1000 pet owners on the topic whether they would take their dog with them on a holiday or leave the pet at home. 100% of these people stated that they would rather have the pet with them for both the fact that this will save some emotional distress but also because taking the dog to a dog friendly holiday spot is way cheaper that the accommodation for the same pet in a kennel.

Self-catering cottages

There are self-catering cottages all over Britain and Ireland. For the owners, a lot of these cottages come with free parking space, a sauna, tennis court and may other attractions. For the pets, these places offer ideal surrounding for playing and having fun but also the opportunity for long walks. You can even bring the dog’s bed so it will feel at home inside the holiday location. Also for the people owning more than one dog, nowadays there are locations open all year around that accept more than one dog per owner on the premises.

Log cabins

If you are one of the dog owners keen on a holiday that will take your dog close to nature where it can roam free consider renting a log cabin. These cabins offer lodging for pet owners with a taste for adventure and are the perfect holiday choice even for the cold season.

A special treat

In case you want to offer your dog something special but in the same time choose a holiday that you will never forget, you should look for locations that come with something extra that just dog accommodations.

For example a popular holiday with dog owners is Woolcombe Bay Holiday Parks in North Devon with a choice of four parks all located within easy access to footpaths or exercise areas. Also included is a comfy dog bed, healthy dog treats, doggy toy, feeding bowls, water bowls, and that all important pooper scooper with unlimited refills. Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks have an excellent dog friendly holiday ‘Woof’ guide if you wish to find out more.

Nowadays the are a lot of options for those keen on a special time spent with their dog.  It is really up to you to reserve the best holiday that will make both you and your dog happy.


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