Facts about Ferrets as Pets

There are more and more people thinking about getting a ferret. However, before you make a decision of this kind, you should find some facts about ferrets as pets to make sure that this is the right pet for you. There might be some aspects of your life that make the pet totally unsuitable for you.

Facts about Ferrets as Pets

The time

When you first get the pet you will have to spend a lot of time with him. This is when he decides whether you’re a friend or a threat.

During this time you will learn to respect each other and you will have to be really patient with the animal, especially about the biting. Also think about the fact that you will have to clean a lot of poop.

Caring for the animal

In case you are interested in the truth about pet ferrets, keep in mind that they have to spend at least 2 hours outside their cage. You also have to make sure that the pet has enough food and fresh water, not to mention that you will have to clean the cage on a daily basis.

Threats to the animal

When thinking about the facts about ferrets as pets you have to ask yourselves whether you have pets, small children, or adults in your home that could be dangerous for the pet. Although ferrets are tough animals, larger beings, like humans, can easily hurt them by stepping on them or sitting on them.

Legal issues

It is good to know about the information about pet ferrets that in some places it is illegal to keep them so this is an important aspect that you should check. For instance in Queensland, Australia and California, USA it is illegal to have pet ferrets.

Renting your home

Another aspect to consider regarding the facts about ferrets as pets is your apartment or home. If you are renting it, it might be a good idea to make sure that you are allowed to have pets. You might have to move house or hide the animal during the inspection.

Vet bills

Having pets is an expensive hobby, and this is something to consider regarding the facts about ferrets as pets. If you have a female ferret and you don’t want breeding, it is a must to have her de-sexed. Males smell really bad when they are in heat, so they have to be de-sexed as well.


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