6 Ways to Improve Your Bond With Your Pet

Are you looking forward to some ways to have a more affectionate and obedient pet? It begins with the warm bond that both of you share. There are some simple ways to build a stronger relationship with your pet, and this might even include small changes in your daily routine. Read more to know where to start from.

Learn to study its body language

Being two social species, humans and pets have certain intricate ways to communicate with others. However, out here humans are the ones who dominate the conversation. You need to understand everything they are asking for and they will tell you by body language. These include various clues like if it is a dog then whether it has held tail high or low,  wagging manner or the position of ears and the shape of their eyes. If it is a cat then the way, she looks at you or the food, how energetically she response etc. Likewise, every pet has certain ways to hint you things, by reading all these you can easily understand what they are trying to tell you and once you start understanding, it will help you two to get along easily.

6 Ways to Improve Your Bond With Your Pet

Respect the likes and dislikes of your pet

If you pay attention, then you may realize about likes and dislikes of your pet, this will help you to increase understanding between you two.  You will get to know whether it likes playing any particular game or not, or a toy. Whether it is food-motivated or toy-motivated and about the reward, he loves the most.

Living Space

Make sure that your pet has its bed or living space depending upon its requirements. Giving them a comfortable place to stay makes them happier which ultimately leads to a better bond between you both. Allow them to have a proper rest so that they will stay energetic to enjoy with you on the next day.

Have a home with certain rules

You should train your pet to study his reaction to different situations and if certain habits are not good for him, take the required steps to reduce their negative consequences. For example, if you leave the food bin with the lid off your pet shouldn’t dive its face in at the second you will leave. All these training sessions will improvise your pet’s habits which will make him more affectionate towards you.

Make sure he has all the necessities

If you wish to have to have a pet who listens to your every word, then become the sole source of all wonderful things for it.  Like if you have prepared a meal for him, then make him wait for few minutes or can even ask him to do few tricks before you finally allow it to dive in. This will teach your pet that working with you will give delicious food. You can do same with toys as well.

Spend one-on-one time

Make sure you two spend some time together. One-on-one time is different from the ordinary walks or any other activities; it is about 30 minutes of stress-free time where both of you can play various games, talk or do joyful things freely.  This is the best exercise to solidify the trust and connection between you too.


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