The Work Of The National Greyhound Adoption Program

greyhoundThe National Greyhound Adoption Program (NGAP) was started in 1989 in response to the thousands of dogs annually discarded by the breeders of racing greyhounds.

The latter are breed in large numbers to ensure that winning animals will result. [Dog Breeds]

The racing life of a dog on average is about three to four years, if it is lucky, very many are put to sleep every year deemed unnecessary to requirements. Greyhounds are very loving creatures and the NGAP was started in Philadelphia to find good homes for them.

Raising public awareness is a big issue, as many do not realize the full extent of the plight of these stately animals. Since started its first clinic in 1995 by the NGAP the facility now operates on over two thousand greyhounds every year. They are the only true voice for the down trodden grey hounds of America.

There are other organizations in this field, many are small local groups manned by dedicated concerned citizens. This is a worldwide problem, which affects many countries; in fact, anywhere that greyhound racing takes place.

The NGAP kennel looks after about fifty animals at any one time and tries to ensure that they each end up with a loving owner who fully understands their requirements. There is a staff of nearly twenty, which includes live in staff so that 24 hour care can be provided.

Most of these groups, looking out for the needs of greyhounds are voluntary groups who have to fund raise to keep themselves viable. Next time you are at a race track placing your bets you may look a bit differently at things now.


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