Importance Of Spaying And Neutering Your Pets!

petAre you thinking of avoiding unwanted births in your pet? If you cannot raise the pet babies, then you must take all care to avoid the birth of babies.

One such way is spaying and neutering, this is the safest way to avoid the birth of unwanted babies.

Not only for controlling the birth of unwanted babies, there are several reasons why many pet owners are showing interest in spaying and neutering their pets.

The main problem with un-spayed females and un-neutered males is giving birth to unwanted babies.

As the growth of these unwanted babies is growing yearly, the need of humane societies for adopting these unwanted animals is also increasing. Therefore spaying and neutering is important to control the birth of pets.

Reasons why female spaying and male neutering is important?

  • You can control the unwanted litter births in your pet. There are many pets which become enthusiastic every year and mate with each other, resulting in the birth of unwanted babies. Only few babies born are being adopted while the others are being left to the human societies for adoption of these babies. Sometimes these unwanted babies are not adopted and are left homeless.
  • To control the frequencies of birth, you need spaying and neutering. For example: A cat litters thrice a year and on average it gives birth to 4-6 kittens per litter. If this continues, the cat population in your home gets doubled by just three months. Spaying your female cat will control the birth rate and you can have control over the population of the kitten.
  • Unwanted pet babies are never enthusiastic to grow. They are like abandoned and masters never show interest in growing them. When you have no interest in growing the pet baby, then these babies will be feral.
  • Spayed and neutered pets will be very friendly to their master and strangers too. Not only the pets will be sociable and amiable, you can also avoid some unmannered and unwanted behavior. It’s very hard to maintain a proper relation once your pet reaches the mating stage. At this stage, spaying and neutering helps to maintain a proper relation with the pet.
  • Un-spayed female pets often go crazy when they reach their mating stage. Once the female pet reaches the mating stage, it develops an unwanted behavior and sometimes even attack the master. To control the aggressive nature, spaying is important.
  • Male pets which are not neutered are very hard to handle. They become aggressive and shatter the things when left free in the home. The mating instinct in the male pets is very hard to control.

Do not fear of the cost and leave your pets without spaying and neutering. Search for a good vet who can provide you the best service at low cost.


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