Tricks To Potty Train Your Pet Dog

Dog potty trainingWhen you first get a puppy, it’s all fun and games. Your dog can do no wrong until you step into a little present on the kitchen floor, then you realize that it’s time to get out your Dog potty training skills out  but you realize you have no idea how to do it. Well, here are a few tips.

Dog potty training doesn’t need to be a hassle. Instilling discipline in your dog within the first days of getting it is a must.

The dog must learn to distinguish between a normal tone and the tone of command. Since dogs tend to cause a lot of mischief the one word they need to know is ‘No’.

Within a short time your dog should know that some things are off limits. You will also need a follow up command to saying no; otherwise your dog will be confused.

Within the first few weeks, keep your dog in the house. Establish an area where the dog can sleep, eat and eventually potty. A simple newspaper will serve for now as a makeshift toilet as you embark on your dog potty training. When you see the telltale ready position of a dog quickly pick it up and put it on the paper.

If you are a little too late then taking the dog back to the scene of the crime and firmly saying no will get you a cowering response from the dog and sooner or later, it will finally sink in that doo-doo is done on the paper and nowhere else.

When your dog makes a poop on the newspaper, don’t forget to reward it, this is important in order to get good results in dog potty training.

When your dog gets a little bit old to be doing poop in the house then you can designate a new area to it with the same technique you used before. The firm ‘NO’ and reward system.

If your dog thinks that it can do poop anywhere then you will have a permanent poop-a-scoop in your hands because nobody likes looking at that scene. If you live in an apartment then taking your dog for frequent walks is a good idea.

Encourage the dog to do it’s business on these walks and pretty soon your dog will be giving you signals that it’s time to go. Some dogs have even been trained[dog training] to bring the leash to their owners when they want to go out. Clever dogs!

Dogs are very intelligent creatures and they may need a little push here and there but after they get the hand of it its smooth sailing from here on out. These basics will certainly ensure that you get good dog potty training results.


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