Dog Breed Info To Select The Right Dog Breed For Your Family!

It’s important to do your research before deciding to adopt a dog.

Diverse breeds encompass diverse temperaments and qualities. Here are some most common dog breeds in order to help you to select the right dog.

Bearded collie:

Fast facts of this dog breed:

  • Group classification: herding
  • Weight (male) – 45 to 50lb
  • Weight (female) – 50 to 55lb
  • Country of origin – Scotland
  • Height (female) – 20 to 21″
  • Height (male) – 21 to 22″
  • Date of origin – 19th century
  • Expected life span- 12 to 14 years

Bearded collieThis Bearded Collie is a medium-sized working dog with an air of strength and hardiness.

It looks so pretty with its soft hair and it will be smart, energetic and affectionate.

A great deal of grooming is necessary for bearded collie and you have to comb and brush it before bathing it.

Try to use nylon pin brushes to loosen the tangles and mats present in your beardie. Beardie is a fairly healthy dog; rarely one will see colonic disease, epilepsy, canine hip dysplasia or pemphigus in this breed.

Bernese mountain dog:

Fast facts of this dog breed:

  • Group classification: working
  • Weight (male) – 90 to 120lb
  • Weight (female) – 70 to 100lb
  • Country of origin – Switzerland
  • Height (female) – 23 to 26″
  • Height (male) – 25 to 28″
  • Date of origin: antiquity
  • Expected life span: 7 to 9 years

Bernese mountain dogThe Bernese mountain dog is a beautifully colored, large working dog.

Its head is flat and broad with a distinct stop and gentle furrow, and a muzzle that is straight and long.

It consists of gently oval shaped eyes and those eyes will be brown in color. This is the fantastic pet for the families with children.

These giants will adore children and they will be protective, gentle and loving.

This is a working breed and they require a good deal of exercise and they enjoy long walks and pulling.


Fast facts of this dog breed:

  • Group classification: working
  • Weight (male) – 65 to 80lb
  • Weight (female) – 55 to 65lb
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Height (female): 21 to 24″
  • Height (male): 22 to 25″
  • Date of origin: 19th century
  • Expected life span: 8 to 10 years

BoxerThe Boxer, one of the popular dog breed, is a medium sized squarely built and powerful dog.

It can be recognized easily by its distinct face and muzzle.

The head of it will be clean with wrinkles and a noticeable stop on the forehead and the sides of the muzzle.

The ears of it are set high on the sides of the skull. It is long and generally cropped with dark eyes.

It is energetic dog and it is difficult to describe the personality of it more precisely. It requires both physical and mental exercise in order to stay healthy and happy.


Fast facts of this dog breed:

  • Group classification: toy
  • Weight (male) – 14 to 18lb
  • Weight (female) – 14 to 18lb
  • Country of origin: China
  • Height (female) – 10 to 11″
  • Height (male) – 10 to 11″
  • Date of origin: antiquity
  • Expected life span: 13 to 15 years

PugThe Pug is a square and cobby proportioned dog with an endearing and unique face.

The head of this dog will be round and large, and the face of it will be covered with distinct wrinkles.

It consists of globular, big eyes which figure prominently in the face and this character gives the

Pug a beseeching and soft expression. The muzzle of it is short, square and blunt.

The Pug is a playful and sociable dog that is often described as “comically confident.” Pugs must obtain good walk on their leash every day and if the weather is inclement then they have to be exercised at the home.


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