Dealing With Hyperactivity In Kittens

hyperactivity kittensHaving a little kitten in the house can be handful.

Dealing with all that hyperactivity and trying to save your shoes from being chewed on can leave you quite drained more often than not.

But do not despair because there are a lot of ways to deal with that energetic little ball of fur.

Pat them

Kittens are not only hyperactive but they are also hypersensitive. This means that their feelings are much more attuned than ours.

This gives you an advantage to calm them down, what you need to do is appeal to their very sensitive sense of touch.

By stroking and patting your little kitten, you can make your kitten fall asleep in no time. But make sure the little kitten does not sleep for a long time because cats actually preserve their energy by sleeping.

Get toys for them

Another brilliant way of dealing with your cat’s hyperactivity is to provide them with a lot of toys that they can play with. Most kittens prefer toys that they can chase around and chew on.

Toys like wool balls, stuffed animals and soft rubber animals especially with wheels will keep your hyperactive kitten busy for a long while. It is even better if they have a play mate, so if you have a hyperactive child it wouldn’t hurt one bit to encourage your child with the little kitten. [Kitten Care]

This is actually killing two birds with one stone because not only will you save your shoes from being chewed on but you will also keep your child busy as well.

Watch what you feed them

If you want to control the energy levels of your little kitten you should pay a lot of attention to what you feed the kitten. Already it is a bundle of energy running around and causing havoc; you do not want to add to its energy levels by feeding it a lot of energy giving foods.

You can supplement the energy foods with food stuffs that are high in calcium instead. At least this will also ensure that your kitten grows up with strong bones and teeth.


You can also take your little kittens out for walks. This will use up much of that stored up energy in your little kitten. This will not only be a good way to get that little kitten from your shoes for a while, but an effective way to exercise the cat keeping it fit and preventing from getting overweight.


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