Guidebook on Choosing Pet Carriers

Selecting the right carrier for your pet can be quite a challenging task as you have to choose from a wide array of designs of various sizes, shapes and styles. Do not get swayed away by chic designs. Appearance alone should not govern your decision for choosing a Pet Carrier. More important criteria like proper ventilation, comfort and size should be considered.

guidebook on choosing pet carriers

Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Pet Carrier


This is very important as the pet will be inside the carrier for prolonged periods and so the carrier should have enough room to house the pets. There should be sufficient space inside the carrier to allow your pet to manoeuvre with ease. You should measure the height of your pet from the floor to his shoulders.


The carriers should be strong with re enforced structural pressure points, so that it can provide a safe and secure home to your pet. A robust framework with an intact roof and fasteners secured firmly to prevent accidents are pre requisites, all carriers should have.

Proper Ventilation

This is another very vital criterion to be kept in mind while choosing a carrier. The pet should feel comfortable inside it and get enough fresh air to breathe. Your carrier should have big and numerous mesh ventilation panels


The carrier should be equipped with well adjustable straps and be adequately padded for safety and comfort. The design of the carrier should be such that it can fully accommodate your pet without letting its legs hang out. It should be endowed with all safety features for travelling purposes. Good quality zippers and visual and patting access through at least one good sized pocket is an absolute must for a quality carrier.


It should not only be spacious for the comfort of your pet but have adequate storage space to hold the all essential amenities of him.


It should be constructed of biocompatible material with no loose parts and should be complying and be flexible on its sides and top. During flights the pet carriers should be flexible enough to be accommodated under the seat.

Consider Wheels

During travelling in the airport, wheels help in the easy manoeuvring of your pet carriers and so buying a carrier furnished with wheels is a wise decision.

Thus to sum up, pet carriers play a vital role for carrying pets during transportation and hence durability, proper ventilation, stability, safety features and size are the core features which should be considered while buying one.


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