Dealing With Obesity In Cats

obese catCats also suffer from problems that result from overweight as much as we humans do.

Unfortunately a large number of people do not realize, that this is beginning to be a common problem among cats and hence do not watch what they feed their cats. [Cat Health Care]

Overweight cats are prone to diabetes, arthritis and hepatic lipidosis. If you thought you were the only one trying to deal with overweight then you better wake up because your cat may be sailing in the same boat. You need to deal with overweight in cats before it gets out of hand.

  • A structured time table is required to ensure your pet cat does not eat all the time. If you are going to feed it three times a day, then spread the right food quantities across the day. If you keep the food bowl full all the time then you better know that you are just encouraging an overweight cat. You have the power to control the amounts of food that they have to eat each day.
  • Measure your cat’s food in terms of how many ounces it contains instead of how many spoons or cups of food you have given it.
  • Limit feeding treats to your pet even when they look so cute and literally beg for your attention especially to an already overweight cat. For an overweight cat you should stop giving him treats at all costs. Treats will just worsen the situation and soon your overweight cat will become obese.
  • Exercise is very important for your overweight cat. Get another hyper active cat that will play with him rather than leave him to sleep all day. Buy a lot of cat toys that he can play with when you are not there or too busy to play with him. This will encourage less sleeping around and calories will be burned. You know what your cat loves doing so use that to get the cat to exercise. Even if it means playing fetch or tag.
  • Limit foods that have less of protein and more of carbohydrates. This will not only help them maintain the right body weight but will be good if you want to introduce a nutritional diet for your cat. Carbohydrates are really not necessary that is why they are limited in their foods.
  • Make sure you introduce your cat to a weight loss diet program. Visit the vet for a proper plan and also for a physical examination if he finds it necessary. The vet will give you the diet outline and the times that you will be taking him for checkups and any medication if he is already suffering from the effects of overweight. Weigh your cat so that you also see that the diet program is working.


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