Should You Buy Insurance For Your Pet?

pet care1In the United States, people spend almost as much on their pets as they do on their children.

For people without children, pets often service as surrogates.

Children usually have health insurance and if they do not, they cannot be denied life-saving medical care.

Pets, however, do not have the right to medical care and veterinarian bills can be just as high as medical bills.

Due to the rising cost of pet care, one auto insurance carrier actually included pet injury coverage in their policy to entice buyers. But more and more companies are now offering coverage as an optional benefit for their employees.

Pet insurance is available to most pet owners but you may have to make an effort to seek it out.

Most veterinarians and emergency pet clinics have information on pet insurance. Ask your veterinarian if he knows where you can purchase pet insurance and if he accepts it.  The cost of surgery for a pet can easily run into thousands of dollars.

The choice is to either pay for the surgery or have a beloved pet destroyed. However, having insurance can make the choice unnecessary, since the insurance will pay for most of the cost.

Depending on the insurance, an amount for the deductible per accident/illness could be $50, cap per accident might be $2,500 and an annual cap could be $9,000.

Anyone who loves their pet enough to lavish it with expensive toys and clothes should take the time to find out about pet insurance. For the cost of a few toys, you can protect your budget and more importantly, your pet’s health.


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