Games To Put Your Pets In A Joyous Mood

pet gameWho ever said your pets cannot have fun when there are so many games available for them.

Spend the weekend with your pets and kids playing interesting games and spending some quality time together.

There are a variety of interesting pet games available to play with your pets that will not only be fun for them but for you too when you get involved or just merely watching.

Games for your dogs

Hide and seek is a very interesting game for you and your dog. Look for somewhere to hide and then call your dog to come to you. Your dog will look for you until he finds you and make sure you have a reward with you to make the game more interesting. A bone or your dog’s favorite toy will be a treat when he finds you.

Play fetch with your dog. This is one game that most dogs are naturally good at. If your pet dog is not a natural fetcher then you better train him to do so [Dog Training Tips]. Throw something in the near distance, like a ball and tell him to fetch.

Make sure he fetches and brings it back to you. Your dog has to be familiar with the fetch and drop-it terms. Make sure you reward him with something each time he does the right thing.

Games for your cats

Play tag with your cat. This will even be much fun if there is another cat rather than that one. One can chase the other cat until he catches up and then tags him.

Once tagged, it’s his turn to chase the other cat around the house until he is tagged as well. They keep at it until they are tired or you think they have had enough for the day.

Bubble blowing is also an interesting activity to play with your cat. Use a bubble blower and blow those bubbles for your cat and leave them chase the bubbles all over the place as they try and catch them.

It will be fun for your cat and you might have a nice time watching them leap for the bubbles that burst each time they manage to catch them.

Play around with shadows on the wall and have your pet cat chase them and try to catch them. All you have to do is switch off the lights in the room you are playing in and then throw a line of light on a plain wall.

Dangle your cat’s favorite toys so that they cast shadows on the wall. Allow for some movement and you will see your cat running around trying to catch them.

Games for your pet birds

Throw a ball with a packet of seeds in them and watch your pet bird try and catch the ball. Once they catch the ball they discover the hidden treasure and enjoy. The next time you throw a ball they will be more than enthusiastic to jump for it.


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